Nouveau Lashes individual eyelash extensions

Using Our Innovative weight-for-weight guidance, individual lashes are applied one at a time onto the natural lash for a flawless finish. Creating the appearance of fuller thicker looking lashes with added volume.
The treatment can take up to 90 minutes depending on your natural lash and desired results. Results can last up to 6 weeks with advised maintenance making them perfect for every day, holidays and special occasions.
Like all the best beauty regimes, maintenance is important to keep your lashes looking their best. You will need to return to the salon every 2/3 weeks for lash infills (or removal).
Full set of gorgeous lashes£70
Lashes are applied to the top lid only, for maximum coverage, creating a full and impressive look. We never apply lashes to the bottom lid. (1hr 10 min)
Half set of gorgeous lashes£45
Half the amount of lashes are applied compared to full set, for a more natural look. (35 min)


Infill’s are for topping up your eyelash extensions when they begin to fall out. The longer the time between appointments, the longer it takes for an infill. You need at least 40% of the lash extensions on for an infill, or a full set will be charged.
30 min infills£30
Needs approx 2 weeks after initial extensions
45 min infills£45
Needs approx 3 weeks after initial extensions
1 hour infills£55
Needs approx 3-4 weeks after initial extensions

LVL - Lash Lift Treatment stands for Length, Volume and Lift
This avant-garde lash treatment uses the latest technology to lift and straighten your natural lashes and set them for a fab wide eyed look. This relaxing 5 step procedure does not use extensions, your lashes are attached to a shield and chemical treatment is applied to your own natural lashes to open and lift them.
The LVL is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or those on a break from them. It’s a brilliant treatment for people with already long thick lashes who want a very natural enhancement to their eyes. But it can make a big difference to those with smaller lashes too. It is good for clients who cannot maintain lash extensions every few weeks.
The treatment can be carried out with a colour treatment which will tint your natural lashes to create a more dramatic look. This is recommended if your lashes are naturally fair. Please note the bottom lashes are not usually tinted with treatment, but please advise us if you would like this and we shall add on some extra time to your appointment.
LVL with colour boost£50
LVL without colour boost£40